Ready to learn what it might cost you to build your space-expanding and potentially revenue-generating additional dwelling unit? You don’t have to wait for a consultation to get a general idea of how you might pay to build one.

Just use our ADU cost calculator tool to design your ADU to your ideal specifications and get an estimated cost range. We can give you a more precise cost estimate after a free consultation, but you can use this tool to learn what your options are and how the effect the cost of your structure.

Note: this calculator is intended for informational/educational purposes only and the results are not an official estimate. You can receive an actual estimate for free after joining one of our experts for a consultation.

ADU Cost Calculator

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What size ADU do you want to build?(Required)
The first choice to make is the size of the dwelling you want to build. Rather than think in terms of square footage, we find it more useful to think about the number of bedrooms you want to have and how many people you'd like to be able to host at the property. We've listed a base price range for each option.